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At Embossing Solutions, we pride ourselves in the decoration of countless promotional items, whether it be jackets, pad folios, T-shirts, golf shirts, ball caps, toques or footballs we can handle your decoration requirements. If we don't have what you're looking for, we'll work with our valued partners in the

industry and source it for you.

We are constantly introducing new exciting NO SEW embellishment

techniques to provide your customer with the WOW factor everyone

is looking for.

We welcome your calls and emails and would be happy to answer any

decoration questions you may have. Our staff is eager to help you with

whatever clothing or promotional product decoration that you

can think of and even a few you may not have come up with.


Embossing Solutions has been leading the industry in Unique Thermal Application Decoration Services since the day our doors opened for business. With over 15 years of expertise in the promotional decoration industry, we can take care of your clients needs regardless of order size.  We guarantee that one of our decoration services will fit your application regardless of simplicity or complexity of your customer's logo, and keep in mind "We are always your supplier, never your competitor".

Looking for something new? We now offer the following decoration methods.
A new standard decoration technique used by
serveral of the major clothing manufacturers that give typical printed
logos a raised element. Increasing the value adds to the look of any logo.

Taking raised silicone to the next level. This decoration technique
incorporates silicone and print but allows for smooth curves
giving a true 3D effect and a higher raised finish than that of the silicone.

Similar to our liquid metal but allows for replication of logos with 
finer stand alone detail. Multicolored and multi level logos are available
along with special effects such as metalllic, glitter and spot pantone

Raised Silicone


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Embossing Solutions

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