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"Not only is Embossing Solutions fabulous but Steve and all his staff are as well.Producing consistent quality workmanship sets them apart from all other decorators.When you want a decorating job down right and and efficient no matter how big or small, Steve does them all, even when the timing is tight, there is no other place to look to get the job done right and on time.For all your one stop decorating requirements and ideas I would choose Steve at Embossing Solutions every time."


​"Steve is an incredibly talented yet humble bloke! Him and his team take so much pride in their work and continue to produce the highest quality product on the market!"


"From speedy communication to quality workmanship, Steve truly is an amazing man! 100% recommend this company!"

holli oldham

5 Stars Service!

One of the best business professionals I've worked with. During the initial stages of my project, Steve and Stephanie took the time to understand my project goals and supported the vision. Steve is amazing with providing feedback, presenting his ideas, and overall has a positive and motivating attitude. Stephanie plays a huge role and knows the business in an out as well. In Steve's absence her quality of business management is exceptional and seamless. Furthermore, the team dedicates their time and efforts to your project, as if it is their only client and project, taking your ideas to another level. They pay close attention to detail and have high quality work performance. They aim to meet deadlines and will communicate any delays in a transparent manner. The team goes the extra mile to follow up and refer clients to valuable resources. Steve and his team is the answer to high quality customer service. The team is knowledgeable and talented with their innovation of a variety of application techniques. It's amazing what a difference working with high quality professionals can make to assisting with intricate projects. Overall establishing partnerships with embossing solutions was crucial to my business success.

Thank you guys!!

chantel pr

Great service and quality work.

teresa brooks

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